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Avant-pop duo based in Folkestone, UK


How do we thrive today without compromising tomorrow?

Sustainability – the big issue of our time – begs a unified approach to a future where humans concede their place within the natural world.

There’s no room for apathy or negativity, only action on an unprecedented scale will change things now.

“Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere” (ML King Jr), and those least responsible for climate change are to be worst affected by it.

And what is the role of the artist?

Art has the potential to expose truths, transcend cultural boundaries, reflect and even shape society. Whether through taste, colour or sound – surely the creative industries must equally help solve the societal and ecological challenges faced.

The Bearing aims to take part in the global creative community to #create_positive_activism


Big Bang (EP)



The Bearing

Folkestone, UK

+44 (0) 7512 329809