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Artist Bio 
The Bearing are an avant-pop duo whose artistic aim is to #takepositiveaction. Inspired musically by classical, rock and electronic music, and lyrically by social & environmental themes, their sound shares similarities with Radiohead, Muse, Lemon Twigs, Portishead and includes touches from Brubeck, Prokofiev, Shostakovich & Rachmaninoff.
Music is their compass. They're both introspective and reflective, with a passion for doing their small bit to tackle global challenges such as ecological breakdown and consumer culture. The ultimate desire is to create something that demands attention, earns curiosity, makes an impact and pushes artistic boundaries.
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W h y

w e ' r e

h e r e

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La Vitrola Performances
Performances for Chilean TV Broadcasters La Vitrola with musicians Daniel Yáñez (Gran Capitals) and João Ruschel. 
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The Bearing are independent & self-managed artists.
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